Application of PVC     

Wire and Cables
PVC Is used as insulation and Sheathing for Various Electrical and Communication cables ranging from household wiring, office equipment to automobile and industrial power transmission cables

Wire and Cables
Building Wire
Telecommunication wire
Electrical applicance
Speciality cables

Consumer Products
PVC is all around us. It is used in a diverse range of consumer goods, from bags, bottles and toys through to fashion apparel, wall paper, shoes and sports equipment. It plays a beneficial role in providing us with modern necessities and will continuously shape our lives in endless ways.

Bottle Compound
General purpose
Oil Resistant
Drinking Water
UV Resistant

Shoe Compounds


Building & Construction
Over half of the global PVC consumption is in building and construction making this material the most widely used plastic polymer in this sector. PVC makes a major contribution to the quality. Safely and Cost effectiveness of construction materials as well as contributing to lower environmental impacts.

Hose Compounds
Garden Hose
Fire Reel


Rigid Compounds
IC Tube
Edge Band


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