Brief Review on Adamjee Group -

Adamjee Group is one of the largest and the most diversified group of companies in Pakistan. Founded by the illustrious Adamjee Haji Dawood (Sir Adamjee after being Knighted, in 1938), almost a century ago with a jute trading set up, the group since then has remained a dynamic force in the business world and has been involved with a wide variety of business activities.
The Adamjee Group suffered crippling set-backs when it’s huge industrial projects (jute, Tea, Gardens, Pipes, Textiles, Vegetables Oil, Paper, Construction, etc.), due to the government policies of the past, were nationalized in Burma, Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan), Thailand and Malaysia. Later the west Pakistan Government nationalized and took over their Muslim Commercial Bank, Life Insurance business of Adamjee Insurance Company, upcoming Tractor Plant License and Adamjee Science College.
Having successfully gone through a phase of re-construction and re-organization, Adamjee Group is fast making for its stature of yore.

Presently the group concentrates the bulk of its business in Pakistan with a wide range industrial and commercial activities, like Jute, Textile, Insurance, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Highway Consultancy, International Trading and Distribution in Petrochemicals / Chemicals and Agency Business.

Pacific Multi Products (Pvt.) Ltd. -

PMP is also an Adamjee Group company and is one of the leading agency houses in Pakistan operating since 1993 in association with 50 front rank large conglomerates and trading companies of the world and is marketing different kinds of Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Rubber, Papers and various Fibers to over 1000 industrial and commercial organizations in Pakistan for their import requirements along with having a representative office in the Far East.

PMP is well equipped to cater to a wide variety of products mostly from Western / Eastern Europe and of Far Eastern origins. Thus, day by day, increasing the volume of business and the number of clients.

Adamjee Polymers Company (Pvt.) Ltd

APC is a recent addition to the Group, which is an off shoot of PMP. PVC Compound from Thai Plastics & Chemicals Public Company Ltd., Thailand was one of the products that PMP was successfully marketing & selling in Pakistan as their Exclusive agents for the last decade, by Virtue of which the Business opportunity to produce the same grades of PVC compounds in Pakistan resulted Under the TPC Know how and back up.

APC with its TPC trained staff and back up of PMP as their trading partner for Procurement and Sales are targeting production of High quality PVC Compounds for Domestic and the Global Export Markets.


Our high quality standard is our strength.

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